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Construction examples  [Nov,06,2017]

We are writing to inform you that we start to sell our original reinforcement.
We were not supposed to mass-produce them. However, since the part has been highly evaluated, we decided to add it in our product lineup.
The shape is formed to fit the original BNR32 so you don’t have to worry clip or nut positions.
It works NISMO mounting bumper as well.



The panel is 1mm metal sheet. The bracket attached frame is 1.6mm metal sheet.

They have lightening holes and applied burring process to increase the durability.


Total weight 2.7kg

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The genuine inner reinforcement is about 6kg so our original BNR32 is much lighter.

The price is 76,700 yen.


In addition, we paint the original color for an extra charge of 15,000 yen.

Even it is colored, it will be invisible after covering bumper face so it is up to you.

Painting for this part is also processed the same as visible parts.

The basic operation is only replacing the reinforcement but if you use the bracket supporting inner cooler, it have to be installed by using long hole locating the upper part of reinforcement.

In addition, the nut fixing number plate bracket is not welded so it is needed to fix by bolt nuts or J nut and tapping screws.

In our experience, some customers attach horns or HID and fix ballast inside of this reinforcement in their R32. If it applies to you, we suggest that you ask us or other car shops for this operation.


This space is completely covered by the bumper but if you would like to lighten your R32, please try our original light inner reinforcement.

We have some samples so you can touch and confirm the weight by yourself.

Please contact us by phone 04-2934-7484 or from contact from.

*the shape of reinforcement would be changed by customer’s request or opinions.